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I want to talk about the greatest sport ever -- Ultimate disc.

Most people think that it's called Frisbee or Ultimate Frisbee. In reality it is called Ultimate disc. Frisbee is the most popular disc brand unless you play the sport in which you realize that some of the best discs are made by Discraft. What people call a frisbee is called a disc and there are different weight amounts.  Professional, Club, and High School teams play with a 165g disc.

The field is 70 yards between goals with 'End Zones' of either 20 or 25 yards.  So overall length is between 110 - 120 yards long.  In International play the End Zones are 20 yards, but in the U.S. the End Zones are 25 yards.  Utah High School plays with the International 20 yard End Zones.  The field is 40 yards wide.  For comparison, a football field is 50 yards wide and 120 yards long (including End Zones). 

The game is played in two teams of seven. One team starts on one side of the field on the goal line. The other team starts on the goal line on the other side of the field. The team with the disc will hold up the disc and wait for the other team to hold up their hands to signal that they are ready.

After they get the signal the team with the disc throws it to the opposing team and starts to play defense. If the team with the disc drops it then it goes to the opposing team. If the team catches the disc in the goal then it is a score and is awarded one point. Once you get to seven points it goes to half time. The game ends at fifteen points or a negotiated time which is usually an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours.



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