About Me

Carter Barnes


The thing that makes me different from other people is that I am weird but I still like to have fun.

I am a fun loving guy and like to have a good time but I also like to be quiet and alone.

I am fun, funny, and like to run around.

To me having a good time is what is most important because if you think all life is just work than you are not living right.

An animal like me would be a dolphin. I would choose this animal because it loves to play and have fun and at times can be serious. It is rare but it is there.


I would like to have spider man's powers because it seems like the most fun and coolest.


The cartoon character that's most like me is the Tasmanian Devil. I say this because we are both out of control and are not the best understood.


To give my life meaning you have to find the fun and also set a goal to yourself to give you something to look forward to.


My hobbies are playing Ultimate, hanging with family, and sleeping

My name is Carter Barnes I am 17 and still awesome.

I play Ultimate. My position is handler which is the person who has the disk the most often and can throw it the most accurate and the farthest.

When I am not at school I can be found with a book or with a pillow and blanket.

My family includes my father, my mother, my older sister Carlie (25), my older brother Mitchel (23), me, my younger brother Tanner (15), and my youngest sister Abigail (8).

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